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    Violet, Karly: Hotwife Sharing Fantasy: Hotwife Boss - A Wife Sharing Romance Novel (eBook)

    It began with one question…. ….and to her surprise, a quiet housewife gets mixed up between her husband… and her boss.

    Mellanie Ford is a bored and lonely wife. Leading a cookie cutter life, the gorgeous blonde's faithful husband works long hours, with no job of her own and no kids in the family. The beautiful wife's mundane and slow paced life is about to change. When her husband's boss can't peel his eyes away from Mellanie's stunning figures, he bluntly asks the husband if he could spend a night with her. Drew's response takes Mellanie by surprise. And the couple embark on a journey which will change their marriage forever!

    Can a marriage that is going through the motions handle the excitement of an addition to the bedroom?

    This 30,000 word scorching hot novel features wife watching, wife sharing and a couple exploring their Hotwife adventure into uncharted territory! 'Hotwife Boss is part 1 of the 3 part series 'Hotwife Sharing Fantasy", chronicling the journey a married couple take as they explore their deep seated fantasies of wife sharing.

    Adobe Digital Editions
    ISBN: 978-1-393-26582-5

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    Über den Autor Violet, Karly

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