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    Shipping & Returns

    Shipping costs for online orders:

    Free B Mail shipping for orders of CHF 40 or more!

    B Mail postage free from an order value of CHF 40.00

    B-Post Fr. 4.00 for order values below Fr. 40.00

    A-Post Fr. 6.50 with order value under Fr. 40.00

    A Mail surcharge of Fr. 3.00 for order value over Fr. 40.00

    Mail to Germany and Austria, the postage costs are Fr. 9.00


    Return of goods

    In case of manufacturing defects and wrong deliveries, we will exchange the articles in question for a flawless copy. Please always state customer number, invoice number and reason for return. The return shipment is at your own liability/risk.
    Voluntary right of withdrawal: We take back titles in mint, saleable condition within 10 days as a gesture of goodwill and against credit note. Downloads (audio books, software and eBooks), software, multimedia products, sound carriers, videos and DVDs are generally excluded for copyright reasons.

    We can not take back:

    Newspapers, magazines, illustrated magazines, yearbooks and calendars
    E-Book readers, tablets and other hardware unless they are unused, welded or sealed and returned in the original packaging
    For downloads

    Exchange/Return/Double purchase of eBooks
    With eBooks, no exchange or return is possible after the purchase process. The eBook is immediately assigned to the customer (usually via AdobeDRM). A return is therefore not possible even if the wrong end device format (ePUB, PDF, MP3) is selected.

    Defective download link
    If the eBook cannot be downloaded correctly or the download link is defective, a replacement link will be provided after clarification with the supplier.

    Quality/Content eBooks
    Buch Schweiz assumes no liability for the quality (e.g. display on the end device) and content of the purchased eBook.

    Period of exchange/replacement
    Since the clarifications in case of problems can be very complex, sometimes a replacement link cannot be provided immediately. However, a replacement link should normally be available within 2-5 days.

    Copy protection for e-books
    Most publishers today rely on soft copy protection with watermarks. The downloads are marked with a label. This allows the buyer to be traced in the event of illegal distribution of the e-book.
    Downloads with a so-called hard copy protection (DRM, Adobe Digital Rights Management) are protected and can only be read with devices that are authorized with the same ADOBE ID.

    The downloads are protected by copyright. The customer receives the simple, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable right to use the offered titles for exclusively personal use according to copyright law in the respective offered way.

    Which formats are offered in the store
    Depending on the title, it can be offered in different formats (ePUB, PDF, MP3). Not all formats are suitable for every device. The formats are marked accordingly in the title in the store and it must be checked by the buyer before the download whether the end device supports this format.

    Defective eReader
    Defective eReaders must be returned. Then they will be sent to a repair center if necessary (hardware defect). The customer will receive a replacement device as soon as possible. No liability can be accepted for the eBooks/data on the device. With a replacement device, the same settings as the original device must be made (AdobeID) so that the secured eBooks can be read.

    Warranty eReader
    We provide a warranty of 24 months from date of purchase. In order to be able to make a warranty claim, a copy of the delivery bill is mandatory. If a defect is found, we can provide warranty service by repairing the defect or replacing the device. The exchanged devices become the property of Buch Schweiz.
    Warranty claims are excluded in case of damage caused by improper handling. These warranty services apply instead of the warranty claims of the Swiss Code of Obligations.