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    Sanderson, Brandon: Yumi and the Nightmare Painter

    A Cosmere Novel

    'This was utterly brilliant and satisfying. Yumi and the Nightmare Painter will be the best of the secret project novels, and it is easily one of Sanderson's finest books in his career' Novel Notions

    From Number 1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson - creator of The Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn Saga, and countless bestselling works of science fiction and fantasy - comes this gripping story set in the Cosmere universe told by Hoid, where two people from incredibly different cultures must work together to save their worlds from certain disaster.

    Yumi has spent her entire life in strict obedience, granting her the power to summon the spirits that bestow vital aid upon her society - but she longs for even a single day as a normal person. Painter patrols the dark streets dreaming of being a hero - a goal that has led to nothing but heartache and isolation, leaving him always on the outside looking in. In their own ways, both of them face the world alone.

    Suddenly flung together, Yumi and Painter must strive to right the wrongs in both their lives, reconciling their past and present while maintaining the precarious balance of each of their worlds. If they cannot unravel the mystery of what brought them together before it's too late, they risk forever losing not only the bond growing between them, but the very worlds they've always struggled to protect.


    Praise for Brandon Sanderson

    'Epic in every sense' The Guardian on The Way of Kings

    'Brandon Sanderson's reputation is finally as big as his novels' The New York Times on Words of Radiance

    'If you're a fan of fantasy and haven't read the Mistborn trilogy yet, you have no excuses' Forbes on Mistborn

    Autor Sanderson, Brandon
    Verlag Orion
    Einband Fester Einband
    Erscheinungsjahr 2023
    Seitenangabe 384 S.
    Meldetext Lieferbar in 24 Stunden
    Ausgabekennzeichen Englisch
    Masse H24.0 cm x B15.6 cm x D3.4 cm 606 g
    Coverlag Gollancz (Imprint/Brand)
    Fester Einband
    ISBN: 978-1-399-61343-9
    Lieferbar in 24 Stunden

    Über den Autor Sanderson, Brandon

    Brandon Sanderson grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and now lives and works in Utah with his family. A #1 New York Times bestseller, a Sunday Times bestseller, and a Hugo Award winner, his novels have sold more than 20 million copies around the world. He is most famous for his epic fantasy series The Stormlight Archive and The Mistborn® Saga, but his work includes the sensational Skyward science fiction series, the Legion spy sequence, and The Reckoners superhero novels. In addition to creating his own landmark series, he was chosen by Robert Jordan's estate to complete The Wheel of Time® sequence, now an internationally successful series on Amazon Prime.

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