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    Moore, Alanna: Divining Earth Spirit

    The Earth is alive, conscious, sacred and pulsing with vital forces! Open your mind to the subtle dimensions of life and landscape, through the insights of experienced geomancers, such as Alanna Moore, author of Divining Earth Spirit. Geomancy is the esoteric art of working with the living energies of the land. Echoing ancient shamanic practices, modern geomancers use extra-sensory skills to divine Earth spirit. Communing with the soul of the landscape, they interpret its twilight language and delve into its Dreamtime dimensions. A renewal of interest in such mysteries and concern for Earth's wellbeing have spawned a new generation of geomancers who are continuing to champion the protection of sacred landscapes, as they help us to navigate a world enmeshed with electro-magnetic pollution, a potential carcinogen.

    Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    ISBN: 978-0-646-21700-0
    Folgt in ca. 5 Arbeitstagen

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