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    Martel, Jacques: The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases (eBook)

    How to Heal the Conflicted Feelings, Emotions, and Thoughts at the Root of Illness

    A comprehensive reference and healing tool to address the emotional and psychological causes of illness

    • Uncovers the conflicted conscious or unconscious feelings, thoughts, and emotions at the root of nearly 900 ailments and diseases

    • Details a unique Integration and Acceptance Technique for accessing information through the heart and thereby starting the healing process for emotions and feelings

    • Provides positive affirmations to effect change for each ailment and disease

    What if your body used a secret language to talk to you? What if an ailment or illness was your body's way to shout for help, to make you understand that you need to change your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors? Your body wants you to become aware of the stress that you carry, conscious or not, so you can release unmanaged past and present emotions and the physical complaints that accompany them.

    Compiling years of research and the results of thousands of cases he encountered in his private practice and during workshops over the past 30 years, Jacques Martel explains how to read and understand the body's language of disease and imbalance. In this encyclopedia, he shows how body language reveals specific thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are at the source of nearly 900 different ailments and diseases. The author also details his Integration and Acceptance Technique, which enables healing information to bypass the brain and connect directly with the heart. This technique disables the source of the conflict, conscious or not, that could be at the root of an illness, behavior, or condition and improves the chances of true healing.

    This comprehensive manual offers a tool to help each of us become, to some extent, our own doctor or therapist, get to know ourselves better, and recover health and well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. For practitioners and therapists, this remarkable reference tool provides invaluable insights and prompts for healing.

    Adobe Digital Editions
    ISBN: 978-1-64411-190-1

    Über den Autor Martel, Jacques

    Jacques Martel, the creator of the Little Stick Figures Technique, is an internationally known therapist, trainer, and speaker. A pioneer in the field of personal development, he is also an Usui Reiki master and rebirther and the author of the bestselling The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases. Jacques lives in Québec, Canada.

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