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    Hines, Will: How to be the Greatest Improviser on Earth

    Become great at performing long-form improv! We skip the basics and get into advanced topics like: being truly present, being authentic, dealing with difficult performers, being actually funny (!) and the rarely discussed but essential skill of being healthy. "Will Hines was my first improv teacher. He's not an improv nut, but he is, you know? He has perspective. " - Ilana Glazer, Broad City "Will is one of those teachers that makes you feel like you have something special inside yourself- that you can possibly change the world. " - Abbi Jacobson, Broad City "Despite being a mild mannered man from Connecticut, it's fair to consider Will one of improv's war chiefs, or maybe witch doctors. I'm not sure. This analogy has run its course. " -Chris Gethard, The Chris Gethard Show "I haven't improvised in a loooong time, but Will Hines wrote a book that makes me want to. I'm tearing through it" - Rich Sommer, Mad Men, UCB improv team America "I read this book" - Shannon O'Neill, Artistic Director of UCB NY

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    ISBN: 978-0-9826257-2-9
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