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    Help for E-Books DRM

    E-Books & E-Book-Reader - What you need to know about it
    What copy protection does my e-book have?

    Soft DRM / Watermark
    Many e-books today use "soft DRM / watermark" protection. The advantage of eBooks that are protected with watermarks is that they can be read on all devices that can display the ePub or PDF format. The DRM copy protection does not have to be supported in this case. It does not require authorization via Adobe ID. So you only need a reading app or a reading device (e-book reader).

    Some eBooks use the DRM-Adobe copy protection technology. In order to read these titles, you need a free Adobe account ("Adobe ID") and possibly (depending on the device!) a free reading software. Read below what you need to know about DRM-Adobe copy-protected e-books.

    You can read our eBooks with these devices:
    Sony Reader
    iPad/iPhone (for example with the reading app Bluefire Reader)
    Android tablets (for example with the reading app Bluefire Reader)
    Android smartphones (for example with the Bluefire Reader reading app)
    PC/Mac (for example with Adobe Digital Editions)

    You cannot use our eBooks on the following devices and apps:

    Amazon Kindle
    iBooks from Apple (but it works on an iPad/iPhone with the Bluefire Reader app from the Appstore)
    Google Play (but it works on an Android device with the Bluefire Reader app from the Google Play Store)

    Please note before your first e-book purchase:

    Our e-books use different copy protection technologies (DRM-Adobe, watermark). In order to read DRM-Adobe protected titles, you need a free account with the company Adobe ("Adobe ID") and possibly (depending on the device) a reading software that is also available free of charge.

    The necessary components depending on the operating system/reader:
    If you own a Pocketbook with integrated store, you can access our online store directly via WLAN and download your purchased e-books directly to the e-reader. You do not need a computer to do this. You can create the Adobe ID directly when you start using the device.

    Other e-book readers and reading e-books directly on your computer (Windows or Mac)
    We recommend "Adobe Digital Editions". This program enables reading on the monitor as well as transferring to most external readers (eBook-Reader). Adobe Digital Editions are available here.

    iPad, iPhone and Tablets & Smartphones with Android, Samsung Tablets
    You can also read our eBooks on Apple's portable devices (iPad, iPhone), as well as devices with the Android operating system (e.g. Samsung and other tablet and smartphone manufacturers). For this you need the free app "BluefireReader" (available in the Apple App Store or for Android devices at Google Play).

    eBook formats:
    EPUB = open file format, which was developed especially for eBooks and is supported by almost all eBook readers
    PDF = file format from Adobe. Possesses a fixed formatting, the possibility to change the font size is therefore not supported by this format.

    Please also note the following information:

    1. create an Adobe ID
    Click here to create an Adobe ID / Adobe account. All you need is your name, your country and an e-mail address. All related information will be sent immediately to the e-mail address provided. If you are already registered with Adobe, you can skip this point.

    2. installing Adobe Digital Editions for reading e-books on your PC
    You can download Adobe Digital Editions here.

    3. authorization
    Purchased eBooks must be tied to your Adobe account for reading. For this you need the Adobe ID. Adobe Digital Editions asks for this login information (Adobe ID) the first time you start the program - the program can only be used after you have entered it. External readers must also be activated once with the Adobe ID. If they are already connected to your computer/Mac, you should normally be asked automatically when you start the administration software. If not, the window will appear at the latest when you transfer the selected books. Please note that you can connect a maximum of 6 devices (including PC/Mac) to your Adobe account (Adobe ID). If all activations are exhausted, they will be reset easily after a query to Adobe.

    4. eBooks on Smartphones and iPad/Tablets
    Readers with Apple's Android and iOS operating systems support Adobe copy protection (Adobe ID) with an additional app, for example Bluefire Reader (Bluefire Reader in the Appstore | Bluefire Reader on Google Play). Download App for free and authorize with your Adobe-ID!

    5. Order eBooks
    After creating an Adobe ID and installing/authorizing the required management software/app, you can make full use of the eBooks we offer.

    5.1 eBooks for registered customers
    The download links of our virtual products are displayed in your customer account. To purchase, it is therefore necessary that you register as a customer. If you have ordered without registration or if you are a new customer, please log in at You can access your account from different devices and download the purchased eBooks up to 6 times.

    5.2 Payment & confirmation
    We offer virtual goods (downloads, eBooks) against payment by credit card. Credit card: the direct debit is done by our certified partner Enter your card number, expiration date and the required security codes. Information about A successful purchase will be automatically confirmed by e-mail.

    6. Download eBooks
    Your new e-books can be downloaded in your customer account under the tab "Downloads". Click on the "Download" button next to the book. The opened window asks if you want to save the file or open it with a program. We recommend to link the file type ".acsm" to the software you are using by default. Select "Open with" and the installed program/app (for example Bluefire Reader). By checking the box next to the text "Always perform this action for files of this type", you save this setting permanently. In the future, when you click on "Download", e-books will automatically be downloaded within the management software/app and added to your library.

    If you have accidentally downloaded the file with the acsm extension (e.g. URLLink.acsm), you can still get the book by simply dragging the file into the Adobe Digital Editions library.

    By default, the books are downloaded to the following directories:

    6.1 Adobe Digital Editions:
    My Files\Own Documents\My Digital Editions

    6.2 Reader for PC/Mac:
    Own files\Own documents\My Books \Reader

    7. Transfer eBooks from computer to eReader via cable
    To transfer, start Adobe Digital Editions or Reader for PC/Mac and connect your e-reader to your PC or Mac via USB cable. Now you can transfer (synchronize) the selected books.