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    Being married to a prominent pastor for sixteen years and the first lady of nearly an 800 member church in the suburbs, I have experienced demoralizing and unfathomable situations behind closed doors. This book is an eye-opening revelation of the mysterious, interminable and hurtful truths that will shock and captivate the curiosity of readers around the world. This book will also undoubtedly serve to empower, teach, motivate, encourage, and uplift others; including those who believe it's impossible to overcome the insurmountable odds that they're confronted with. Each episode of this never before told story is riveting, gut wrenching, and jaw-dropping, exposing secrets of a supposedly sacred covenant which sometimes end in cold blooded murder. For the first time, light will be shed on a pervasive phenomenon of what the behavior is like outside of the church of an upright God fearing man that preaches and teaches the unadulterated gospel. Is it possible to curse, pray, and through faith activate a move of God? I did, fighting and quoting the Word of God nearly simultaneously, sometimes almost within inches of my life. How do you take back a stolen life, and sustain your faith in the church after being inflicted by betrayal from the one person you expected to give you guidance in a closer walk with God, only putting you through sheer Hell? Through strength, compassion, love, and faith, I retaliated against severe verbal abuse by any means necessary, as I was destined to become a victor rather than a victim. My struggles, pain, and storms made me stronger. Spiritually powerful and profoundly inspiring, this book will bring awareness to the inner man, producing tears and laughter. If it can happen to a pastor's wife, it can happen to anyone. This is a must read for those who believe in living life authentically. Prior stories disclosed from this hush-hush society spotlighting the one portraying holiness, have been told from a victimized standpoint, or a pretentious one, eluding the fact that abuse of any kind from those in power exists. Having been an evangelist and motivational speaker for over 14 years, delivering powerful and thought provoking sermons before hundreds of people, I'm available to speak at any of your events including conducting motivational workshops.

    Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
    ISBN: 978-0-9970786-1-9
    Folgt in ca. 5 Arbeitstagen

    Über den Autor Clark, Theresa Ann

    THERESA ANN CLARK was born in Rockville Centre, New York and lived in Freeport, New York for the majority of her life. She is an evangelist, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a graduate of Hofstra University. She holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree in Accounting. She also worked as a high school substitute teacher for many years where she was always loved and respected by the students in which she became the confidant of many to this day. She currently resides in North Carolina. This memoir is the first of many books to come!

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